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Texas Osage was founded in May 1929 as a royalty pool composed of numerous mineral tracts contributed by Texas Landowners. The company currently owns interests in more than 380,000 acres located in 103 Texas Counties. Texas Osage owns no minerals outside of Texas. Presently, the company has interests in over 750 oil and gas wells.  

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Texas Osage Royalty Pool, Inc. currently owns mineral interests in every region of Texas. 


We encourage the development of lands in which we own minerals.  

Meet Our Staff

James A. Cauthorn - President

Angela J. Ramirez - Registered Landman

Catalina Garcia - Accounting

Angela Serna - Shareholder Relations 

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James A. Cauthorn - President   

  E – mail: jcauthorn@texasosage.com

Angela J. Ramirez - Registered Landman – Shareholder Relations

  E- mail:   aramirez@texasosage.com   

Catalina Garcia - Accounting 

  E-mail: cgarcia@texasosage.com   

Angela Serna - Shareholder Relations 

  E – mail: aserna@texasosage.com   

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